Blue Meanies Mushroom (Copelandia Cyanescens)

Blue Meanies Mushroom (Copelandia Cyanescens)


Panaeolus cyanescens, also known as Copelandia cyanescens, is a mushroom in the Bolbitiaceae family. Panaeolus cyanescens is a potent psilocybin mushroom and is similar to Panaeolus tropicalis.


Buy Blue Meanines Mushrooms Online

Buy Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanines Mushrooms Online. Blue meanies Panaeolus cyanescens grow across Australia from Spring through Summer. Their season starts a little after the gold tops finish. These medium to high/very high potency mushrooms are a small greyish white with a domed cap. As it develops the cap can split and show blue streaks. It is light brown or yellow but changes colour into a greyish white colour as it matures; and the centre remains dark.

It bruises blue when damaged and the gills develop black spores. Some species in Australia have a darker brown cap. The stem is thin and a blue grey colour with white lumps. The stems dry to a blue/back colour.

Buy Blue Meanines Mushrooms Online-Identifying Australian Blue Meanies Panaeolus Cyanescens

The main way to recognise blue meanies mushrooms Australia is through the black spores and blue staining throughout the mushroom.

Hunting Australian Blue Meanies Panaeolus Cyanescens

Found: You can find blue meanies in Queensland, New South Wales with reports also from South Australia and Victoria. Find blue meanies growing in manure and on lawns where manure is used as a fertilizer.

Blue Meanies Mushroom (Copelandia Cyanescens)
Blue Meanies Mushroom (Copelandia Cyanescens)

Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanines Dosage

How much to take: Blue meanies panaeolus cyanescens dosage. You need to take between one and three large or five to 10 medium-size fresh mushrooms to get a potent hallucinogenic effect. When consuming blue meanies dried you, you start with 1/4 gram for a newbie up to a maximum of 2.5 grams for the most experienced shroomer.

Is Blue Meanie cubensis easy to grow?

Blue Meanie is considered one of the easier strains to grow. Both buying and growing magic mushrooms like Blue Meanie Cubensis have their advantages and disadvantages. Growing mushrooms is, per dose, dramatically cheaper [iv]. For the cost of a single dose online, it’s possible to produce several dozen doses at home.

Blue Meanies Mushrooms Effects

There are several health risk associated with the use of blue meanies mushroom, its high Psilocybin content affects the cardiovascular system and can lead to increased blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. It also has the potential to cause serious and permanent psychological problems.

Are Blue Meanies Mushrooms Potent?

As mentioned above, this species is quite potent. The effects of Blue Meanies mushrooms may come on quickly due to higher levels of psilocin than psilocybin. Panaeolus cyanescens is often reported to be two to three times the strength of cubensis. Yet, there is little published data to support claims about the potency of these fungi.

Why Do Magic Mushrooms Turn Blue?

It’s named for the vivid blue bruising that appears when the fruiting body is handled. While all magic mushrooms will turn slightly blue from being handled (i.e. bruised or damaged somewhat), this is more prevalent with the Blue Meanies strain due to the high psilocybin content.

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